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Aléoç Dúo is a very young group formed by percussionist Nuria Carbó and clarinetist Sergi Bayarri Sancho. Originating in Bern (Switzerland) in December 2020, Aléoç Dúo was born from the chance meeting of two Valencian musicians in Bern and the interest to discover and strengthen the repertoire for this formation. With the help and encouragement of themselves and their respective teachers at the HKB (Hochschule der Künste Bern) they have made several recordings and are in full development and diffusion of their first project called Dualities.


Nowadays, in the times and society we live in, it seems that everything is based on extremes. Everything is good or bad, everything is right or wrong, everything is black or white. All this is reflected in all areas of our lives, at school, at work, in politics…


From this reflection, [DUALITIES] was born.

How can we represent and at the same time vindicate this way of life in a concert? How can we make people reflect on this through our music?


These questions led us to think about what kind of repertoire we could include in our project, and how this repertoire could help to understand the concept. Playing with the different styles and atmospheres created by the works we finally chose, we have created a concert format in which the audience can never be relaxed, but always aware of what is going to happen. Because no two works will be the same. No two styles will be the same. There will be no time to get carried away, because when you change pieces, you will be transported to a completely different place.


[DUALITIES] is a sound experience, a different journey.

[DUALITIES] is the search for the purest sound.

[DUALITIES] is the ferocity of the wildest complexity.



From the acoustic concept of James Tenney's Tam-Tam piece (Having Never Written a Note for Percussion), to the rhythmic complexity of James Dillon (Todesengel), through the exploration and fusion of the percussion and bass clarinet sounds of Voro García (Oscura Raíz del Sueño), and ending with the power and virtuosity of Iannis Xenakis (Dmaathen).


Through these four pieces, we will take the audience on a sensorial journey full of sonority, instrumental virtuosity, lightness, new complexity, sonorous atmospheres, pure intensity and powerful force... that will not leave anyone who listens with their ears wide open indifferent.

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Recording of Bok from the italian composer Franco Donatoni. HKB Grosser Konzert Saal. March 2021.

Recording of Todesengel from the english composer James Dillon. HKB Auditorium. February 2022.

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