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CLAR/OBSCUR is a multidisciplinary concert that brings together contemporary percussion/performing pieces with original sound art creations, using lights and shadows as a medium to enhance and revindicate the works of women composers and performers in nowadays music circuit.


Although the first piece that was included in the program, and which basis is also a very important part of this concept, is written by a man my (colleague Severin Rusch), the main aim of the project was to find pieces written by woman to be played by woman.


In this direction, I found five more pieces written by really interesting women composers, and which works I have been following during these past years.


Taking Severin’s piece concept (feminism through Virginia Woolf’s life and her last letter for her husband before killing herself) which we developed together during the end of last year, I started thinking about more women’s works and I thought about how to reflect this idea in a whole concert. That led me to the concept of the “clarobscur” or “chiaroscuro”, in its original language: to use the lights and shadows from a theater or a concert venue to make a strong statement about feminism and the need for gender equality in the music industry (and in general).

“I would venture to guess that Anonymus ,

who wrote so many poems without signing them,

was often a woman”

(Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own)

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